2023 december

Week 2

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The Góbé Band established in 2007 reaches out to authentic folk music daringly and with a willingness to experiment. The members play folk songs on acoustic instruments, without any constraints, venturing among pop music genres. They compose a kind of “folk pop” that is entertaining and contemporary but preserves its roots at the same time. Their aim is to bring folk music closer and to build a bridge between the different music scenes. The band is a colourful participant of the world music scene due to their unconventional concerts and eclectic albums.


Marci 1.

Márton Rigó

violin, viola, guitar, vocals

VÁron 1.

Áron Várai

lead singer, bagpipe, recorder, percussion
Máté 1.

Máté Vizeli

violas, violin, guitar, kobza, vocals

Matyi 1.

Mátyás Egervári

hammered dulcimer, viola-tambura, hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, recorder, flute

CzÁron 1.

Áron Czupi

drums, percussion, vocals
Zoli 1.

Zoltán Hegyi

double bass


The year 2020 brought several member and image changes in the life of the band, which resulted that the world music formation and the folk music formation became more separated. The last one got the Folkside name. This way the band wants to highlight, that performing authentic Hungarian folk music is still a main pillar of bands life. Like other folk bands they really like to play music in dance houses and accompany dance ensembles, but also creating thematic concerts. The most representative example of the latter is their program based on Béla Bartók's 44 violin duos and their source materials, which has already been released.

Members of Folkside:
Áron Várai - singer, flute, drums
Márton Rigó – violin
Bálint Vizeli – violin
Mátyás Egervári – dulcimer, tambourine, bagpipe
Máté Vizeli – viola, koboz
András Timár – double bass

Tiszteletbeli tagok

Kiss-B. Ádám

Takács Dániel

Szimán Kristóf

Csasznyi Imre

Timár Márton




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Ez van!




Egyben _8panel_BARTÓK44_Digipack

Bartók's 44 Duos for Two Violins with folk music background of the pieces







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